HealthTribe History

Health Tribe is a family run business providing healthy supplements for people who want to improve their lifestyle, their appearance and their overall health. You see, the problem is that most people think that they eat healthy. However, research shows that only 1.8% of people eat healthy. So, it is very likely that you fall in the 98.2% who does not. Staying young, fit and nourishing your body and mind is what you will achieve with a balanced diet and exercises.
Sandra and Maikel were both born in the Republic of Suriname, migrating to the Netherlands at an early age. They both spent the majority of their life in Amsterdam.
Sandra has a degree in Office Management, Nima Marketing and Nemas Management from the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam. Maikel has a degree in Business Intelligence and IT fromthe University of Amsterdam
Introduced to Beyuna
When introduced to Beyuna they realized the potential in the market and the possibility to support people in developing their businesses , while advising them personally on health and lifestyle. They started their business through Beyuna
With the wellness industry on rise, combined with the launch of a new website , networks around the globe, an expanded client and product base, they are looking at a promising future
Sandra and Maikel met in 1986 during the famous event , Kings Day (or Queen's Day at that time), in the center of Amsterdam. They married in 1997 and had three children
Health Tribe
Wanting to expand to the globe market , they decided to rebrand, translate to English, update the website to have a professional look and feel, all the while still keeping their signature
Maikel worked for the government and in business, oil, and financial industries. Sandra began in fashion, moving on to recruitment, marketing, and telecommunication. They both had a strong passion for wellness.
Working hourly jobs with different companies and never seeing each other, they decided to look for opportunities to earn based on royalty's that would give them more time together.

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