Beyuna Selenium


Beyuna Selenium+ contains the patented product Selenium Select and bioperine, an extract of black pepper. Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Selenium contributes to the normal thyroid function. Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis.



Beyuna Selenium contains Selenium Methionine and Bioperine®, an extract of black pepper. Beyuna Selenium is Clean Label, which means that the supplement contains no synthetic fillers, auxiliaries or colours.

Beyuna Selenium also has a vegetable capsule, which makes the product 100% vegan.

Read more about the quality under ‘quality’.

Content: 100 vegetable capsules

Beyuna Selenium

The recommended dosage for adults is 1 capsule per day.

1 capsule contains:

Ingredients *R.I. Content
Selenium Methionine Seleen 363% 200 µg
Bioperine® Piper Nigrum extract 95% – 100% Piperine, 2.11 mg
Alfalfa herb
*RI = Reference Intakes for adults

Capsule: vegetable

Beyuna Selenium

Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system
Selenium contributes to the normal thyroid function
Selenium contributes to normal spermatogenesis

Beyuna Selenium

Selenium is a trace element that is indispensable for the growth and functioning of live cells in humans and animals. Many Dutch people consume too little selenium despite a good diet. This is because there are no longer enough of these trace elements in European soil. As a result, not only crops, but also meat and dairy products contain too little selenium.

There are organic and inorganic forms of selenium. Plants take selenium from the soil and convert it into organic forms that can be easily absorbed. L -(+)- selenomethionine is the form of selenium that is most prevalent in natural foods.

L -(+)- selenomethionine is an amino acid L-methionine with a selenium atom replacing the sulphur atom. Selenomethionine is thus something very different from selenium chelated to methionine (or other amino acids). Selenomethionine is unique because selenium as a whole is part of the molecule, and is therefore completely incorporated into the body proteins. This makes selenomethionine not only safer, but also more bioavailable than other inorganic types of selenium. L -(+)- selenomethionine is rapidly and fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.

Inorganic forms of selenium are for example sodium selenite and sodium selenate; these are not natural forms of selenium.

Beyuna has therefore opted for selenomethionine and bioperine. Bioperine is black pepper extract, containing standard 95-98% Piperine.


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